We've Got the Secret to Cleaner Air in Manalapan Township & East Brunswick, NJ

You'll breathe easier after scheduling professional air duct cleaning

Over time, dust, dirt and debris build up in your ductwork. You can't shut out 100% of allergens, but you can schedule routine duct cleaning to improve your air quality. Save time and money and get peace of mind by scheduling professional air duct cleaning.

The Vent Doctor LLC offers this service to residents in the Manalapan Township, NJ area. Our duct cleaning services are affordable, and you'll rest easy knowing that a seasoned pro will treat your property with care. Call 732-991-5498 now to start breathing cleaner indoor air.

Preventive care is key

Dirty ductwork isn't only unsightly, but it can also cause all kinds of...

  • Health risks-clogged ducts can distribute dust, pollen, pet dander or mold spores throughout your home or office building.
  • Maintenance issues-contaminants like fiberglass duct lining shards can shorten your HVAC system's lifespan.
  • Safety hazards-built-up dust can ignite easily, so it's important to clean your ducts regularly to prevent ventilation fires.

You should schedule professional air duct cleaning every 5-7 years to keep your vents as clean as a whistle. If you live or do business in the Manalapan Township, NJ area, The Vent Doctor is standing by to help. We'll give you a free estimate-call 732-991-5498 today.

Duct Cleaning Process

The HEPA-AIRE process utilizes an Abatement HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vac in tandem with a specially designed AIRE-SWEEP Portable Air Compressor and Agitation Tools for efficient state-of-the-art source removal duct cleaning. This method enables professional duct cleaners to remove contaminants from all parts of the duct system, regardless of location or type of duct. Yet it is simple to perform and requires only a limited amount of access holes. Here’s how it works:

1. The supply and return networks are “zoned,” or separated, so they can be cleaned independently. This is typically done by removing the furnace filter, inserting it into a plastic bag and reinserting it into the furnace.

2. An access hole is cut into the supply plenum and the flex duct from the HEPA-AIRE Vacuum inlet is connected to the plenum with a quick-connect attachment collar. The powerful vacuum creates high-velocity air movement within the supply ductwork to transport loosened dirt and contaminants out of the ductwork and into the vacuum's filtration/collection system.

3. Each branch is cleaned separately starting with the branch farthest from the vacuum. The register and boot areas are blasted with compressed air from the AIRE-SWEEP Compressor using the special air booster gun to push any dirt or debris into the branch run.

4. The branches are then cleaned by feeding the Forward AIRE-SWEEP Assembly down each branch run to push dirt and debris forward into the main run. The Reverse AIRE-SWEEP Assembly can also be used to clean branch runs if access at the main supply duct is available.

5. Agitation devices such as the AIRE-SWEEP Power Brush, Duct Whip or Power Rod System are used when needed to dislodge caked-on debris from inside duct surfaces.

6. The main duct run is then cleaned. First, one-inch diameter access holes must be cut into the duct every 25 feet. Then, the Agitation Devices and an AIRE-SWEEP Assembly are used to dislodge debris accumulated on surfaces. The loosened debris is pulled or pushed toward the HEPA-AIRE Portable Power Vacuum and captured in its multi-stage filtration/collection system.

7. Once the supply side of the system has been completely cleaned, the return duct system is cleaned using the same method.

8. The coil, motor and blower and blower compartment can be cleaned.

9. Once the entire cleaning process is completed, all access holes are completely closed with the efficient CAPLUGS® and cover plates are installed over the access holes.

Learn about our comprehensive duct cleaning process

You know that it's important to clean your out your vents regularly. But don't try to do it yourself-turn to The Vent Doctor for a thorough duct cleaning service.

Our skilled team will get rid of accumulated dirt, allergens and other pollutants by:

  • Separating the supply and return networks to clean them separately
  • Cutting a hole in the air duct to insert a state-of-the-art vacuum
  • Pushing the dirt out of the branches
  • Using top-tier agitation devices to remove stubborn particles
  • Cleaning out the main air duct
  • Wiping down the coil, motor and blower
  • Covering up the access holes and putting the networks back together

Are your dusty vents making you sneeze? Contact us today to schedule your duct cleaning service in Manalapan Township, NJ or surrounding areas.