Find Out How to Prolong the Life of Your Clothes Dryer

You need routine dryer vent cleaning in Manalapan Township or East Brunswick, NJ

Lint traps-you've probably emptied a few if you've ever owned a dryer or used one at a laundromat. If you're like some of our clients, you've likely forgotten to clean your lint trap at least once. But even if you clean your lint trap like clockwork, lint can still build up in your dryer vents. The Vent Doctor LLC will clear lint clogs from your dryer vents to extend the life of your dryer and eliminate fire hazards.

We offer dryer vent cleaning services to property owners in the Manalapan Township & East Brunswick, NJ area. Call 732-991-5498 today to ask about our rates.





Scheduling an appointment just got easier

Coordinating dryer vent cleaning service for an entire townhome or condominium community is tough. Don't worry-The Vent Doctor has a solution you'll love. We have...

  • Block scheduling-we'll save you time and money by cleaning multiple units.
  • Affordable services-our dryer vent cleaning services won't take a bite out of your HOA fund.
  • Punctual professionals-you can count on us to show up and finish the job on time.
  • Qualified professionals and can meet all condo and town-home certifications
  • Great group rate offers

Call 732-991-5498 today to schedule dryer vent cleaning service in Manalapan Township & East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Typical dryer vent cleaning procedure:

Clean dryer vent from lint screen in dryer to the end of the piping leaving building. Clean out the lint build-up in dryer and connector piece. Clean out main dryer vent piping from behind dryer to outside.

The cleaning process is done with state of the art dryer vent cleaning tools. We use a high pressure air tool that blasts away all lint stuck to the side walls of the vent piping. In certain instances, a vent brush that is specially designed to fit inside the vent piping is used to scrub the sides of the vent and dislodge all blockage.

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